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Chunhui product was selected as the first Intellectual Property Intensive Products in Nanjing

According to the spirit of the document "Some Measures to Accelerate the Development of SRDI Small Medium-sized Enterprises" (No....
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Chunhui Company won the annual Best Contribution Enterprise Award of Jiangbei Research Innovation Park

Winter gone spring here, on February 6, 2023, the high quality development Conference of the Research Innovation Park was held in the Resea...
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Chunhui Company is recognized as the Enterprise Technology Center of Jiangsu Province

Nanjing Chunhui Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd. was named as the provincial enterprise technology center of Jiangsu Province in...
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Chunhui company was identified as the national “little giant” enterprise

To carry out general secretary Xi Jinping’s spirit of important indication about “Cultivate a batch of ‘specialized, special new’ small med...
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2021年12月27日,江苏省工业和信息化厅发布《关于公布2021年度省专精特新小巨人企业名单和复核通过企业名单的通知》,其中南京市仅认定了62家,南京春辉科技实业有限公司脱颖而出,被认定为江苏省专精特新“小巨人”企业。 “专精特新”是创新型中小企业专业化、精细化、特色化、新...
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