Chunhui Company is recognized as the Enterprise Technology Center of Jiangsu Province

Eeit Time:2022-08-22 13:57:42

Nanjing Chunhui Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd. was named as the provincial enterprise technology center of Jiangsu Province in 2022, according to the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province. “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” has many application conditions and strict approval process. It not only has high requirements on economic indicators such as enterprise scale, but also pays more attention to innovation ability. It is an authoritative recognition and high affirmation of the research and development strength of enterprises.

Won the Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center, it is a new breakthrough after the provincial “Little giant” enterprises and Chinese annual patent award by the end of 2021, the municipal and national “Little giant” enterprises in 2022. It marks the great advantages of Chunhui Technology in research quality, technical strength, innovative personnel training, industry-university-research cooperation and other aspects, which is of great significance for comprehensively improving the enterprise’s development ability and the core competitiveness of products, and promoting the sustainable and rapid development of the company’s industry.
Relying on the provincial enterprise technology center, the company continues to increase research and development and innovation investment and talent training, give full play to technological innovation advantages, constantly create products with core technological advantages, promote enterprise technology progress and improve quality and efficiency, and help the high-quality development of enterprises. In the future, the company will follow the policy guidance, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, strengthen and promote the development of basic research and applied technology around the important fields of advanced manufacturing cluster and key industrial chain, deeply plough into the field of non-communication fiber, and promote the technological progress of the industry.

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